Porsche Wants To Electrify Half Of Its Cars By 2023


The production-spec Mission E is only the start.

The automotive technological landscape is rapidly changing, and keeping up with it simply isn’t enough anymore. Automakers need to think bigger and long term, and Porsche appears to be doing just that. According to The Drive, which first learned of this news from German business magazine Manager Magazin, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume wants at least half of the lineup to be fully electric by 2023. However, sports cars like the 911 won’t necessarily be part of that game plan, at least not for the next five or six years.

Specifically, Blume discussed the production version of the Mission-E concept, which is slated to debut in 2019. Beyond that, Porsche will take that electric powertrain tech and apply it towards additional models, such as a crossover coupe. Both of those vehicles will be built at the automaker’s Zuffenhausen production plant, which can manufacture up to 60,000 units per year. Porsche believes the Mission E will be successful and is hoping to sell 20,000 examples annually. Adding a second model to the production line is totally doable. But 2022 will be the big year for change. Why? That’s when the next generation Macan crossover will debut and according to Blume, it may be an EV only.

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That’s a huge gamble to take considering the Macan is currently Porsche’s best-selling model (100,000 were sold last year). If the 2023 Macan were to be electric only, that alone could significantly contribute to that 50 percent EV target. Of course, however, buyers need to embrace EVs on a mass scale, which could be difficult to do in the current environment with cheap gas prices.