Porsche Wants to Turbocharge Next 911 GT3 RS

Turbocharged flat-six engine would offer flagship model improved performance and reliability.

Porsche is contemplating turbocharging the next 911 GT3 RS. This break in tradition is on the table as the 911 GT3 – on which the RS variant is based – has had issues with its 468-hp 3.8-liter flat-six unit occasionally catching fire. Porsche engineers, according to Autocar, are concerned about trying to extract even more power from the naturally-aspirated powerplant and are considering a turbocharged unit instead. The extra power needed to warrant an RS badge could be easily delivered without compromising the car’s reliability.

In related news, the Cayman could adopt the 911 GT3’s rear-wheel steer system later in its life cycle, and will be the first Porsche sports car to come powered by its new four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine, rated at around 400 hp.

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