Porsche, Why Do You Hate Love?

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Porsche kills our dreams of a 991-gen GT2.

With the debut of a new generation of the Porsche 911, there are a few steps that we all expect to see along the way. There's always a Turbo, always a GT3, and as we just saw in Geneva, the GT3 RS is now a staple as well. Since the Type 993, we've also always had a GT2 model, usually pretty close to the end of the life cycle of a given generation, but in a recent interview with Car & Driver, Porsche GT boss Andreas Preuinger strongly hinted that there would be no Type 991 GT2.

The reason given for this decision is that Preuinger thinks that GT customers will prefer natural aspiration, and that the GT3 is good enough as the ultimate expression of the 911. It seems like an odd decision, especially given what amazing cars the previous generations of the GT2 proved to be. Perhaps Porsche wants to keep the 911 reigned in while the 918 is still in production, given the manner in which the 997 GT2 RS so effectively showed up the Carrera GT. But the good news is that the marque's GT models will remain rear-wheel-drive and have manual transmissions.


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