Porsche Will Build Multiple Cars Based On The Epic Mission E


This could be huge for Porsche.

The sheen of the white paint hugging the first Porsche Mission E concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show may have highlighted the sedan’s seductive lines, but to engineers at Stuttgart’s finest car company, it was representative of a blank canvas. To them, and to Porsche’s parent company Volkswagen, the electric platform holds more than just the potential to keep Elon Musk up at night. According to a recent interview with Car Advice, it’s the makings on a full force attack on the rest of the auto industry waiting to happen.

Speaking with Michael Steiner, a member of Porsche’s executive board for research and development, Car Advice found that the German automaker has some interesting ideas in regards to the evolution of the Mission E platform. First off, it must be mentioned that development of the Mission E itself is well underway, with hardware currently being vetted in test mules. Soon after, the first rolling prototypes will be built and two years from now, those should translate into working EVs that can be purchased at dealerships. So what else will follow? First off, it will be the Mission E variants. “If you look back, when we have done a new segment, we always have started with one variant and then it depends a little bit how this develops," said Steiner.

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This is what dictates whether Porsche will add new variants or not, but in either case, the possibility is always there. “Technically our platforms are designed in a way that you could do more,” he added. When pressed about the chance of an SUV coming to market, Steiner not only mentioned that it would be possible by raising the height of the sedan, but alluded to the possibility of using a Mission E’s SUV bones for the new Audi Q6 EV. Still, Porsche will wait to see how the car’s initial reception goes before deciding to debut other Mission E flavors. “This is really, completely, a white sheet of paper, where we have some ideas but we are far away to decide the next steps now, and there is good reason we don’t do this now,” said Steiner.

For Porsche, the possibilities seem endless. A brand that began as a sports car company has steadily been morphing into something more. Highly profitable cars like the wildly popular Porsche 911 have given way to the expansion of new segments that are even more popular and profitable. These include the SUV segment, which now sees the Macan and Cayenne, as well as the sedan division that houses the likes of the new Panamera. Expanding into the performance luxury segment is sure to add value to the brand, and with a flexible electric platform loaded and waiting for the auto market to pull the trigger on EVs, Porsche is positioning itself for some good times ahead. We hope you’re as excited about this car as we are.