Porsche Will Finally Feature In One Of The Most Popular Video Games

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Now that the deal with EA is over, Porsche will be in more games.

Fans of racing video games are probably aware that many of the most popular titles do not have one very important manufacturer in them. Despite Porsche's incredible racing heritage, the company has not been present in some of the best racing video games such as Forza and Gran Turismo. This was because Porsche had an exclusive license with EA that recently expired. We have already seen leaks of Porsche in Forza Horizon 3, and now we have our first look at Porsche in the new Gran Turismo Sport game that will be released later this year.

Sony made the announcement on the Russian Playstation Twitter account which was later confirmed by the official Spanish account. Only one car has been announced so far, the 991 GT3 RS. There are a few images that show the 911 on a race track as well as in some city settings with the game's photo mode. This will be the first time that any Gran Turismo game has featured Porsche. The only way around the EA agreement was to use RUF, which is technically a bespoke automaker despite being heavily influenced by Porsche. Gran Turismo Sport will have 140 cars available at release, but will have additional cars through paid downloadable content similar to the Forza franchise.

We are glad that Porsche's deal with EA is over. It has been very disappointing to have racing games that don't include one of the best brands in the world. Need For Speed games from EA were always pretty fun, but didn't deliver the realistic driving experience of Gran Turismo or Forza.

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