Porsche Won't Launch Facelifted 911 Until Frankfurt 2015

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And yes, newly turbocharged flat-sixes are expected.

Based on the many spy shots and other familiar rumors, a heavily revised Porsche 911 is currently in the works. Aside from various exterior styling changes, it's what lies at the rear end that'll see the most drastic changes. Expect to see a range of new turbocharged flat-six engines replacing today's naturally aspirated units when the updated 911 debuts. So when will that premiere happen? Not this year. Despite earlier rumors of an LA Auto Show unveiling, the facelifted Porsche 911 will debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show next September.

What can we expect from those turbocharged flat-sixes? Autocar claims the base 911 Carrera will have a capacity of less than 3.0 liters, but with a 15 horsepower boost over the current 3.4 flat-six. That'll be good for a total of around 365 hp. The Carrera S will see its output increased to around 415 hp, and note the presence of cooling slits on each side of the rear bumper. What won't happen for the facelifted 991 911 are the new four-cylinder engines currently in development. For now, those are being reserved for the updated Boxster/Cayman. However, don't be shocked to see at least one flat-four on offer for the completely redesigned, next-gen 911, due to launch in 2018.

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Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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