Porsche Won't Kill Combustion-Powered Macan Just Yet

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The forthcoming Macan EV was originally going to take its place, but Porsche may keep the gas-powered model around for a bit longer. Here's why.

With the Porsche Macan EV on the horizon, the Zuffenhausen-based automaker had plans to discontinue the regular gas-powered Macan. But according to Automotive News, the ICE variant may live on for a bit longer.

Originally destined to be culled in 2025 or 2026, Porsche is reportedly taking a new approach toward going EV-only with its best-selling model EV. According to US retailers who attended a dealer meeting earlier this week. "They are going to review it," one retailer told AN. "They will see how sales go in the next two years."

It's worth noting that Macan is currently the best-selling Porsche in the lineup. Last year, the brand shifted 70,065 cars in the United States; 23,688 of those were Macans, while just 10% of total sales came from EVs. Porsche clearly doesn't want to alienate its target market, who may not want an EV just yet.

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But it seems Porsche is more concerned with the public charging infrastructure in North America. As a volume seller, the Macan EV will likely sell in droves, and the automaker can't depend on the unreliable charging points scattered across the US.

"[Porsche] got customer pushback," said the unnamed dealer. "They realized there are not enough chargers out there" to support expected Macan EV customers. Of course, the solution would be to broker a deal with Tesla, as so many automakers have done in recent weeks. Porsche executives have objected to the idea for unknown reasons.

"[Executives] indicated they are trying to get as many chargers as possible," added the source. "They know it's a problem, and they're trying to figure out how to do this most efficiently." Porsche is reportedly working on an upmarket charging network that will coincide with the arrival of the Boxster EV.

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Porsche hopes US sales will hit 80,000 in 2023. The retailer said the company also wants to attract a more youthful and varied clientele. "One of the things they are not happy with is the average age of a Porsche driver is over 50. They want it to be anywhere from 25 to 35."

The Macan is an essential part of this strategy, and Porsche hopes it will attract "driven" (i.e., wealthy) youths and successful women to the brand, with the hope that they will upgrade to pricier models such as the Cayenne or 911 in the future.

Porsche will introduce alternative retail formats and redesign stores as places for fans and customers to congregate and relax - perfect for its existing charging infrastructure at dealers. Dealers will be encouraged to take a more relaxed approach to sales, with a less-transactional way of doing things. Younger consumers waltzing into a Porsche dealership may have previously been ignored, but Porsche wants that "mentality to change," added the retailer.

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