Porsche's Future Panamera Plans Just Got Way More Interesting

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Is Porsche really going to do this?

The second-generation Porsche Panamera just received a mid-life refresh to ensure it remains competitive for the next few years. Along with the Turbo becoming the Turbo S (we'll never complain about more horsepower), a new hybrid trim was added, the 4S E-Hybrid. An all-powerful Turbo 4S E-Hybrid is also coming soon. But there's still a fine line separating the plug-in hybrid Panameras from the new and all-electric Taycan. Interestingly, this line may vanish in the not so distant future. Speaking to Australia's Go Auto, Porsche product line vice president Dr. Thomas Friemuth admitted a full-electric Panamera is under serious consideration.

"We have to think where are the markets going and we have to now follow what's happening with our Taycan - our smaller limousine in terms of battery electric vehicles - and then we will see in the future what is happening," he said.

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But wouldn't ditching the Panamera's combustion engine automatically turn the model into an internal Taycan rival? Not exactly, as it turns out. "We don't see a big overlap between these two cars. Panamera is a luxury sedan and a sports car and a big car with a lot of roominess and interior space. When you see the Taycan, you will vastly imagine that this is a different car - we don't see much overlap from the customer perspective between Panamera and Taycan." There's another key reason why an all-electric Panamera could be just around the corner: Europe.

You see, some 60 percent of all Panamera sales in Europe have been hybrids, a trend that's only expected to grow. Electrifying the Panamera has very clearly proven to be popular amongst customers, and not only due to improved fuel efficiency and less C02 emissions.

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As mentioned above, electrification also generates more power, and the upcoming Panamera Turbo 4S E-Hybrid is expected to have around 740 horsepower - some 40 hp more than a Porsche 911 GT2 RS. The new Panamera Turbo S, to further compare, has 620 hp on tap. Given that, it's no wonder Porsche wants to fully electrify the Panamera.

The early success of the Taycan has also proven customers are more than ready for an all-electric Porsche. In 2022, the next-generation Macan SUV is set to arrive and it too will be a pure battery-electric. And yes, Friemuth also said an all-electric sports car is only a matter of time.

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