Porsche's K1 Halo SUV Will Have Up To 1,000 HP

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And proper off-road ability.

It's no secret that Porsche is working on a three-row all-electric SUV called the K1. Auto Motor und Sport has some new insider information to share, including possible power outputs and some off-road-related features.

K1 (it will have a proper name when it entres production) will be the biggest vehicle in Porsche's range, and it will follow in the footsteps of the upcoming Macan electric SUV and the next-generation Cayenne, which will go electric once the German brand is done manufacturing the upcoming heavily revised third-generation model.

The SUV will be built on the Volkswagen Group's upcoming SSP architecture but with a twist. SSP was expected to arrive with 800-volt technology, but the German publication now states it will use 900 volts instead. This is a crucial piece of news because it significantly decreases charging times. In the case of K1, we're talking 15 minutes to get from 10-80% state of charge.


A dual-motor setup is a given, but as we know, thanks to the Taycan, Porsche doesn't make EVs in the traditional way. The rear electric motor in the Taycan is mated to an actual two-speed gearbox, for example.

According to the report, the K1 will feature dual permanently excited synchronous motors with direct oil cooling for the stator. That negates the need for a two-speed box, which is meant to reduce the stress on the aforementioned stator. We're basically looking at two electric motors with direct drive units, sending power to mechanical locking differentials. The K1 will also have an adjustable air suspension, which all points to its being a genuinely capable off-roader.

The continuous power output will be in the region of 650 horsepower, while the peak figure should be closer to 1,000 hp. In a straight line, it should at least accelerate as a Porsche should.


As for the design, Porsche's CEO, Oliver Blume, told Autocar it would be a sporty interpretation of an SUV. This matches earlier reports that K1 will be "part saloon and part crossover." Think Cayenne Coupe, but roughly 20% larger to accommodate three rows.

Porsche will likely unveil the K1 as a concept in 2026, but its on-sale date will be closer to 2030. The Macan EV will debut first in 2024, followed by the all-electric fourth-generation Cayenne. We also know Porsche is already working on its next-generation battery cells, and the Cayenne and K1 would be the perfect platforms to introduce high-energy-density batteries. These new batteries are also the reason why the 918 successor has been delayed by a few years.

Whether the K1 will feel like a Porsche remains to be seen. Still, it's worth remembering that Porsche has proven naysayers wrong many times before, most notably when it decided to introduce its first-ever SUV in 2002.


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