Porsche's New Hypercar Concept Coming This Weekend

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Deliveries start virtually next year.

Now is a great time for gaming fans, particularly if they have an interest in racing games. If you're a fan of both PlayStation and Xbox platforms, the excitement is doubled. For the latter, Forza Horizon 5 has just been released, and it's loads of fun. For the former, those who take their virtual racing a little more seriously will be glad to know that Gran Turismo 7 is set to be revealed in March of next year. There have been quite a few big partnerships announced as the marketing campaign kicks into high gear. Porsche will also be joining the party, and its YouTube channel will be revealing a new Vision concept for the game this Sunday, 5 December 2022.

Polyphony Digital
Polyphony Digital

A recent trailer for the game revealed that we can expect to see the Porsche 917 Living Legend in the game, along with the Nissan Skyline GT-R JGTC. Both of these icons will be sharing the screen with the likes of the Ferrari FXX-K, the Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM, and the Dodge Viper. More affordable metal will be available to play with too, including the Toyota GR86. Thanks to the teaser that Porsche has shared, we know that there are still a lot more exciting cars to look forward to, and we wouldn't be surprised to find Stuttgart's 911 GT3 and Taycan joining the lineup too.

Polyphony Digital
Rear View Driving Porsche
Front Angle View Porsche

Besides the awesome cars, a hitherto unseen level of customization is being presented with a livery editor that lets you design your own wraps, while Brembo will provide new brake caliper personalization options too. Used car dealerships return and there's a new "Brighton Antiques" shop where you can buy classics like the Aston Martin DB5 and Porsche 356. Along with tuning possibilities that allow you to hone your vehicles' setup to your driving style, the next Forza Motorsport had better be something special. With the added benefit of the latest consoles making graphics more realistic than ever, there's no better time to kick back and fight for global motorsport domination.

Driving Front Angle Porsche
Rear View Driving Porsche

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