Porsche's Next EV Has Been Decided

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What's next after the electric Macan?

Porsche began toying with the idea of fully electrifying the next-generation 718 Boxster and Cayman a few years ago. Since then, the automotive industry has undergone drastic changes regarding battery-electric vehicles and the timing works perfectly in Porsche's favor regarding its entry-level roadster and coupe. Their mid-engine setup is ideally suited for a floor-mounted battery pack, for one thing. And, so far, Porsche Taycan reception has been excellent with demand remaining high. Porsche's second electric vehicle, the Macan EV, will arrive in 2023. What will be its third? Probably the next 718.

Car And Driver reports the German automaker is actively developing a Boxster EV with testing already well underway, according to Michael Steiner, Porsche's executive board member for development.

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Things are progressing so fast, in fact, that a Boxster EV concept is expected soon. The outlet believes Porsche will follow a similar approach to 2015's Mission E concept that clearly previewed the Taycan. If so, that concept should very closely resemble the eventual production version. What we shouldn't expect is a concept that shares the Macan EV's new PPE dedicated electric vehicle architecture but rather a separate platform better suited to sports car characteristics.

Porsche has not announced any details about this setup but it will be all new. Now, the Boxster EV's arrival doesn't necessarily mean the existing gasoline-powered models will be discontinued. There's a good chance Porsche will sell both powertrain variants alongside each other just like it'll do with the next Macan.

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Remember, Porsche continues to develop new synthetic fuels along with hybrid assist that should extend the combustion engine's life by several years. Converting longtime 718 customers to EVs will take time and Porsche doesn't want to lose them by making such a major change overnight. Steiner didn't provide a precise date when the Boxster EV concept will debut, but it's very possible it'll happen later this year or early next.

We doubt it'll take five years to go from concept to production, as was the case with the Mission E to the Taycan. A late 2023 or 2024 launch sounds about right.

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Source Credits: Car And Driver

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