You Can Now Spec And Order Your Dream Porsche Online

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You can now order your 911 or Macan straight from the updated configurator.

Porsche has made life easier for first-time and existing customers by introducing a new way of purchasing its vehicles. Clients can already go online and buy a Porsche from the comfort of their home, but the latest expansion now allows them to order customer-configured cars too.

It's rather clever. Instead of limiting buyers to a selection of new and used vehicles, the automaker is now permitting them to spec their dream Porsche via the online configurator and place an order from their preferred dealer. The brand says this move is in keeping with its "omnichannel approach," designed to give customers the freedom to move between digital and physical contact points.


"Our customers get the best of both worlds ... the customer's dream car can now be configured and pre-ordered from the comfort of home. At the same time, we will continue to focus on the dealers as the central point of contact for the customer and foster that personal contact with our brand," said Porsche's Alexander Pollich.

But before you rush off to your laptop and spec your dream 911 or Taycan, you'll be disappointed to learn it's only available in Germany - for now, at least. The service will soon roll out to the Spanish and Portuguese markets in the coming weeks, and several more European countries are to follow in 2023.

With any hope, the service will make its way to the United States too.

2022-2023 Porsche Taycan GTS Front-End View Porsche

But that's not the only change Porsche has made to its online functions. The configurator itself - one of the best in the business - has also received a comprehensive update. The latest iteration allows would-be owners and dreamers alike to view the vehicle in higher quality, with more backgrounds.

Nearly all the options are shown in real time; even smaller details such as decorative stitching can be changed almost immediately. "We have completely revamped the Porsche Car Configurator with the objective of enabling maximum customization while making the configuration and buying experience as intuitive as possible. The result is a more inspiring, simple, and compelling customer journey," said the company's Robert Ader.

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While this is a very useful tool - particularly for individuals with jam-packed schedules - it does remove some of the fun associated with buying a Porsche. Whether you're looking for a base model Macan or a 911 GT3 RS, the dealership, human interaction, and process of customizing your car in a relaxing environment all add to the experience.

Thankfully, Porsche hasn't forgotten this. While it may offer online alternatives, the company is still luring customers with the traditional dealership model, albeit a revised one. Porsche Studios (and pop-up stores called Porsche NOW) have sprung up all over the place, with the intention of gaining new customers. "With the urban sales formats, we have sought and found new ways to reach customers," said a company representative at the time.

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