Porsche's Upgraded ROADS App Uses AI To Find Epic Driving Roads To Your Destination

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Depending on what you want out of your drive, the app will generate the ideal route wherever you are.

Porsche has comprehensively upgraded its ROADS app, which allows drivers to easily find and follow a dream driving route in whatever part of the world they find themselves in. The aim of the ROADS app is not necessarily to get to your destination in the quickest time, but to design a route around your preferences, be they spectacular scenery or particularly curvy, challenging roads - when it comes to hardcore sportscars like the upcoming 718 RS Spyder, the curvier the road, the better, but Panamera 4 Executive customers may want to experience prettier scenes from the back seat.

"The centerpiece of the new ROADS app is the generator for scenic routes," said Robert Ader, CMO at Porsche AG. "It allows fans to find their own individual dream route with just a few clicks. AI works out a suitable route based on various parameters such as the curves of the road, the topography, landscape features, or exciting points of interest."


Launched in 2019, the app has already garnered over 180,000 users. Whether you're in a 911 Turbo or a Panamera, you can use Apple CarPlay to display the route from the app on the car's infotainment screen. Routes can be not only driven, but also shared with other members of the ROADS Community.

Porsche touts a new, clearer design for the app itself, with a focus on intuitive user guidance. The German manufacturer also considers the ROADS app a way to connect drivers in both public and private groups and to arrange shared experiences easily. Drivers who don't wish to input their own route parameters can get recommendations from the app itself, with routes of the week or unique destinations to enjoy.


For years, Porsche has used its family of apps to enhance the ownership experience for its customers. Not long ago, the company made its Track Precision app available for the streets too, not just on the track. Using this app, drivers can record and analyze data related to acceleration, G-forces, and braking pressure. Combining this with images taken on drives is simple, so it's a wonderful way to relive those early morning weekend drives out of town when the roads are less congested.

For when you can't actually drive your car, you can even enjoy your favorite roads via the comfort of your own home as a video game, in a joint effort between Way Ahead Technologies and Porsche. Back in 2020, the company also introduced its Parking Plus app, which makes finding a parking spot easier while also including a convenient pre-payment option.

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