Pot Growers Stealing Porsche Headlights in Holland

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Apparently Porsche's high-intensity xenon headlamps are easy to steal and make great grow-lamps, as authorities in Amsterdam have been discovering.

Park your car in the wrong neighborhood and you find some parts missing when you come back. Things like the badges, or even the rims, the thieves leaving your car up on blocks while they roll off with your wheels. But headlights? That's the question which Dutch police found themselves asking recently. And if you made the association between Holland and marijuana, you're on the right track. Apparently pot growers in Amsterdam have discovered Porsche's high-intensity xenon headlamps.

The units reportedly deliver just the right amount of heat and illumination to encourage the growth of the cannabis plants, while using little in the way of electricity, making them a favorite among the narcotic cultivators. Rather than buy the $700 units from a parts supplier, though, the pot growers have been running around the Netherlands stealing them (with apparent ease) off parked Panameras and Cayennes, leaving the luxury vehicles without their headlights (along with an apparent lack of alarm systems). Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. (Disclaimer: CarBuzz is not advocating putting anything in any pipe or smoking.) Photos courtesy of Autojunk.nl.

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Source Credits: www.autojunk.nl

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