Praise BMW! Straight-Sixes And V8s Aren't Going Anywhere

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This is music to our ears, literally.

Over the course of more than a century, the miracle of internal combustion has literally kept the world going, but just as carnivorous dinosaurs were once the apex predators of the planet before becoming extinct, so the fossil fuel-powered engine will soon become little more than a history lesson. One of the automakers that don't want to hasten its demise is BMW, and it along with Daimler are being sued for their slow adaptation to a world that only wants to see electric vehicles on the road. To those of us who are still besotted with fiery explosions happening under the hood, BMW has good news: its trademark straight-sixes and V8 engines will still be around come 2030.

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According to German publication Auto Motor und Sport, former BMW M CEO Markus Flasch, who is now in charge of high-end large vehicles at the automaker, says that M fans can look forward to at least another few years of awesome noises: "Don't worry," said Flasch in response to a question about how large-displacement engines could be made cleaner to meet Euro 7 regulations coming into effect in 2025. "We've found technical solutions to keep our inline six-cylinder combustion engine in the range until at least the end of the decade - for both road and racing vehicles." Apparently, BMW engineers have figured out how to further optimize the combustion process, and no matter how stringent Euro 7 laws get, the straight-six will comply with them.


The tweaks that will be applied to the six-cylinder engines are also suitable beyond the 3.0-liter engine, with Flasch saying that the larger V8 will also be able to get efficient enough to survive until 2030. The German publication went on to ask about whether a four-cylinder electrified M car could be in the works since that's how Mercedes is choosing to keep the C 63 alive, but purists will be glad to know that Flasch says BMW is not currently working out if that would be a viable option. Instead, it will further refine existing setups for as long as possible, and we look forward to seeing which call was the right one - BMW's or Merc's. Either way, it's good to know that the M3 will retain a straight-six heart, even if that is eventually electrified.

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Source Credits: Auto Motor und Sport

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