Prankster Trolls VW For Dieselgate During Geneva Presentation

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You knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

They say tragedy plus time equals comedy, but Volkswagen had hardly any time before everyone from John Oliver to Elon Musk laid into them over Dieselgate. Now the trolls have gone even further to make sure VW never forgets the incident. During the automaker's press conference at the Geneva Motor Show, Simon Brodkin dressed as a VW mechanic and walked onto the stage carrying a box that said "Cheat Box." Brodkin is a British prankster and the guy who threw money at former FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Presenting the Up! at the press conference was VW chief of passenger cars Juergen Stackmann. He goes along with it for a second before losing his cool in a calm and calculated (aka German) way.

Eventually security removed the prankster and the presentation continued on. Luckily for Volkswagen the audience seemed too shocked to notice as there was no audible reaction from them. Does anyone think Brodkin might be on to something? Why not reveal bottom-tier cars with a comedy show to get attention away from all the hypercars?

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