Pray This Rolls-Royce Pickup Truck Does Not Become Reality


It doesn't look completely terrible, however.

Let's face facts first. Rolls-Royce is about the most unlikely automaker to build a pickup truck right now. The Cullinan SUV was a slow-boiled inevitability, but there's likely no business case for a Rolls-Royce truck even in America where premium pickups are big business. That doesn't stop people from dreaming though, and the rendering that has particularly caught our eye lately is from our favorite Estonian artist, Rain Prisk.

Prisk has taken the Cullinan's basic proportions and filled them out to make something a little more aggressive and sporty yet elegant.

Rain Prisk

The black fender flairs fill it out and make the vehicle look planted, but the roof spoiler does take things a little over the top. Of the renders out there though, this is the one we think is closest to what the swankiest factory truck in the world should look like.

The matte finish is a nice touch, as well as going with black wheels barring a single silver black spoke on each one. What increases the elegance level though, as well as the practicality of a truck, is the longer wheelbase. Other renderings that keep Rolls-Royce's standard wheelbases look almost cartoonish.

Compare The market
Kleber Silva

Then again, in reality the truck bed would most likely rarely be used for much more than carrying golf clubs and maybe the occasional bags of horse feed.

When we say a Rolls-Royce truck is unlikely, it's easy to forget though that Rolls-Royce built an automotive reputation for rugged reliability through both world wars when the Silver Ghost's chassis was used as the basis for armored cars. That ruggedness was mixed with romanticism by the legendary figure of Lawrence Of Arabia who's squadron used them to fight the Ottoman Empire in the desert, and who described his Rolls utes as being "more valuable than rubies" in helping win his Revolt in the Desert.

Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce
Rolls Royce

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