Pray You Don't Own A Supercar In The States That House The Worst Drivers

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Or at least make sure you aren't contributing to the problem.

Maybe it's something about the heat and humidity, but according to the latest study conducted by SmartAsset, southeastern states have some of the worst drivers in the country. Out of the ten states that made the list for having the worst and most negligent drivers, four of those states were located in the southeast, unlike the worst state for teen drivers. Among these is Florida, which was ranked the state with the worst drivers, followed by Mississippi (2nd place), Alabama (6th place), and Tennessee (8th place).

To judge drivers and determine which states house the majority of them, SmartAsset looked at a number of variables. The percentage of insured drivers was taken into account, since uninsured drivers can be considered to be negligent. DUI arrests per 1,000 people, driving-related deaths per 1,000 people, and Google search trends for terms such as "speeding ticket" or "traffic tickets" were taken into account, and the results only confirmed the stereotype that Florida really is the craziest state in the union. The complete ranking is as follows: 1) Florida, 2) Mississippi, 3) Oklahoma, 4) New Jersey, 5) Delaware, 6) Alabama, 7) Vermont, 8) Tennessee, 9) Texas, and in tenth place, Nevada.

The trend in Texas turned out to be more eye-catching than other states' for one reason; Austin banned rideshare services like Uber and Lyft on May 9 of this year. As a city of more than 800,000 people, there are only 756 taxis that can legally operate within the city, a number that is far too low and means that cabs are in high demand. The shortage means that the available cabbies may not be able to tend to every drunken bar patron trying to find a ride home. This may contribute to the fact that Texas has the highest percentage of driving deaths caused by drunk drivers, with that number resting at 40%. If you live in one of these states, be sure to get some insurance and try to break any of these five bad driving habits that many of us are guilty of.

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