Pre-Sixties Classic Cars Going Strong in Cuba

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Sit back and enjoy a collection of America's 1950's classics; beat-up but still going strong in Cuba.

If you've ever wondered where all our pre-1960's classics have gone to, then wonder no more as this video provides clear evidence that over the past half-a-century they have slowly and surely been making their way to our Cuban neighbors. Under current legislation, Cubans can only freely buy and sell cars that were on the road before Fidel Castro's 1959 Revolution. However, if a new law is introduced allowing Cubans to own modern cars, the roads may take on a new guise.

Thankfully, tourists often visit the island simply to cruise down the boulevards and country roads in Fords, Buicks, Chevys, Pontiacs, Cadillacs and the like, with mint condition models going wheel-to-wheel with those on the verge of collapse. So there's every chance these built-to-last beauties will go strong for many years to come.Vamos!

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