Pre-World War II Barn Collection Is A Cadillac Collector's Dream


Remember when V12 Cadillacs ruled the world?

This amazing collection is made up of five cars that all hit the road before 1940s began. It features three Cadillacs, an REO and Milburn Electric. If the last two brands don't sound familiar it's because they had their heyday way back in the early 1900s. The three Cadillacs include a 1932 convertible (one of four built that year and the only one with a V12), 1933 coupe (one of 952) and 1938 limousine (once owned by the Wrigley family). The REO hit the road in 1908 and the Milburn Electric is from 1923.

Motostalgia Auction's founder Antonio Burnet breaks down the amazing collection and its history in this video.

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