Predator Face Helmet is an Awesome Way to Freak People Out While Riding

Kill two birds with one stone.

Crazy motorcycle helmets are nothing new to us. We have seen just about all you can think of. Owners can get wicked creative with their ideas and artistic businesses that operate in this niche are more than happy to provide their talented services. Though some people do alternate or modify the size and shape of their helmet, most stick to some sort of painting customization. The guy in this video opted for both when he decided to recreate the face of the Predator.

We're not talking the Predator's helmet here, we've seen that done. No, this is that distinctive four-fang mug that was made famous by the 80s classic flick. We have no idea if he can even see out of the thing, and he definitely needs to add the dreadlocks, but we give him 10 points just for being able to scare the shit out of kids on or off a bike.

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