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The Predator Xtreme supercar isn't so much of a masterpiece, but more of a mash-up of the most recent supercars to hit the market.

What do you get when you cross a Ferrari Enzo, a Lamborghini Reventon, a McLaren F1, and an Infiniti G35? A Predator Extreme. No, really that's what you get, a gross combination of those four aforementioned cars. According to TopSpeed, the Predator packs a 6.2-liter V12 from the Murcielago which delivers a 580hp output. The front end however, isn't a Murcielago front but a mix between an Enzo and a Reventon.

The seating looks identical to a McLaren F1 car (except way tighter) and the tail lights belong to the G35. Interesting story: one of the Xtremes was actually blown up on the set of the Knight Rider TV show. Pricing for the Predator Xtreme comes out at a ridiculous but fitting $230,000.

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