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Prefer The Original BMW 8 Series To The New One?

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Here are six coming up for auction.

After nearly two decades of an absence acutely felt, BMW answered the call from legions of fans around the world and revived the 8 Series. And there's little question that, empirically speaking, the new G15 model is more technologically advanced and more capable by leaps and bounds over its predecessor. But there are sure to be some – many even – who still prefer the original. And those faithful enthusiasts may be interested to see a collection of no less than six examples of the first-generation 8-Series (as it was then styled, with the hyphen) coming up for auction.

Part of an extensive assembly of "Youngtimers" (as Europeans call future classics) consigned to RM Sotheby's and spread across several auction events, these half-dozen Bimmer Eights could be just the ticket for those who still like the original tiburonic shape more than the gaping maw of its successor. And there's not a base 840Ci among them.

There's a pair of '91 850i coupes – one in silver and one in dark blue – coming up for grabs during the Techno Classica expo in Germany come April. Before that, there'll be black '94 850 CSi up for grabs at Retromobile in Paris next month.

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There'll be another '94 850 CSi (this one in bright red) on the docket at Amelia Island in Florida in March. And then there's the Alpinas.

The tuner turned pseudo-manufacturer called its version of the 8 Series the B12 coupe, and offered it with two V12s: a 5.0 good for 345 horsepower and a 5.7 rated at 410. RM has one of each coming up for sale: a blue '92 5.0 in Essen and a dark red '94 5.7 in Paris. The auction house has only released pre-sale estimates for some, but that top Alpina B12 5.7 is valued at upwards of $200k.