Prepare for a Mercedes C-Class Four-Door Coupe

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Will join the sedan, wagon, coupe and convertible.

After introducing the new C-Class wagon, Mercedes-Benz seems keen on keeping the family of Cs growing. As we already knew, the sedan and wagon will soon be joined by a C-Class coupe and convertible, but now there is another model purportedly in the works. Mercedes' head of R&D, Thomas Weber, told Auto Express that a C-Class-based four-door coupe is a definite possibility, and would serve to keep production in the four plants manufacturing the class in full swing.

Yes, there is room between the CLA and the CLS," Weber said. "We are intensively looking at remaining niches that will provide us with profitability and growth." In addition to these models, the C-Class will spawn the imminent next-generation GLK crossover, as well as a long-wheelbase model for the Chinese market.

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