Prepare To Be Mesmerized By This Four-Minute Porsche 911 Home Build


Want to own your dream car? Build it yourself.

For anyone seeking a project car, classic Porsche 911s are an excellent choice. Why? Because plenty of them exist, in various levels of condition that is. If you’re willing to get dirty and do a complete rebuild, chances are you won’t have much trouble finding an old 911 in a bad state. That’s exactly what this guy did. Meet Jeff. He’s from Australia. He’s a bit of a classic car nut. We like him. He also has a YouTube channel, Home Built By Jeff, where he documents his project builds, the latest of which is a 911 (others include a Datsun 240Z and an Alfa Romeo 105).

But it’s the 911 that’s Jeff’s dream car. Specifically, the old 911 RSR. In what took some 18 months to do has now been condensed into the four-minute long video you’re about to see. This was a serious rebuild, starting with draining the fluids, separating the body from the chassis, and removing the engine.

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The interior was also completely stripped to its bare bones. Speaking of which, Jeff has some serious skills with a sewing machine. He doesn’t just buy new seats and a headliner, but opts instead to stitch all of the leather and fabric himself. Respect. By the end of the four minutes Jeff has a nearly finished and beautiful 911 RSR. All that’s left is the engine install, and we can’t wait to see that and the first test drive.