Prepare To Be Mesmerized By This Lamborghini Gallardo's Psychedelic Paint

Oh man, we so want this on our cars.

There’s no shortage of Lamborghini Gallardos out there. After all, it was only Lamborghini’s best-selling model ever, with a grand total of 14,022 sold over a decade of production. That’s damn impressive for a six-figure supercar. But do you know what else is damn impressive? This Gallardo with a paint job done by German graffiti artist Rene Turrek. Yes, that’s Captain America painted on the hood. In fact, the whole car is one big "First Avenger" tribute.

And it’s all thanks to that tripped-out paint. Turrek was also the guy behind that BMW X6 Hulk that people went nuts over last month. What's next for Turrek? He hinted to us that it might involve an Aventador.

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