Prepare Your Eyes For The Liberty Walk Widebody Ford Mustang

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Unsurprisingly, Liberty Walk's latest widebody kit isn't what you would call subtle.

Liberty Walk has a history of sabotaging supercar exotics like the Lamborghini Aventador, so we weren't very enthralled when the Japanese tuner announced it was working on a widebody kit for the fabled Ford Mustang. After showing some work in progress photos of unfinished aftermarket parts fitted to the muscle car, Liberty Walk recently announced the project is now complete. We didn't expect to see the finished project until its public debut at J Nation, but the Japanese tuner has released some official photos of the Ford Mustang widebody unwrapped.

Mercifully, it's not quite as horrific as we initially feared. Liberty Walk's tuning jobs are often polarizing, and while we still can't justify making the mammoth Mustang even wider, this is one of the less offensive body kits we've seen - but it still isn't what you would call subtle. As usual, Liberty Walk's outlandish widebody kit includes the tuner's signature bolt-on fenders, as well as a modified grille, bumpers, and hood with additional air vents, a rear diffuser complete with dual tailpipes, and a 'duck tail' spoiler. Specific decals have also been applied to the body, along with some brash black wheels, and air suspension sold as an optional extra for $7,900. A complete body kit upgrade will set you back another $6,800.

As with Liberty Walk's other tuning jobs, there are no mechanical upgrades for the Mustang, but then there are plenty of American aftermarket tuners like Shelby that can give the Mustang some extra performance muscle. What do you make of Liberty Walk's treatment to the Mustang? Does it enhance the Mustang or is it offensive to your eyes?

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