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Presenting The 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Drivers Series

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The four special editions were each designed by a Corvette Racing driver.

As promised, Chevrolet revealed a new special-edition Corvette at Daytona, where the 2019 racing season kicked off this weekend. It's called the Drivers Series, and it leaked out a little ahead of schedule. But now it's been revealed in full.

The Drivers Series is based on the Corvette Grand Sport, which sort of splits the difference between the base Stingray and the hardcore Z06. What sets this version apart is the four individual liveries, each designed by one of the factory's racing drivers to give the retro-racer 'Vette an even racier look and feel.

The Tommy Milner Edition is done up in Elkhart Lake Blue (named for the location of the Road America raceway) with silver stripes, red hashmarks over the front fenders, body-colored mirrors, and a jet-black suede interior with red seat belts.

Oliver Gavin's special edition is painted Shadow Gray with red stripes and hashmarks, carbon-tone mirrors, and red interior. The Jan Magnussen Edition wears red stripes and gray hashmarks over white bodywork, with a jet-black interior with red belts and stripes. And Antonio Garcia's looks closest to the C7.R racer, in yellow with black stripes, red hashmarks, and yellow-accented black interior.

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"Each driver worked with Chevrolet designers on the graphics for their respective edition," said Chevy's Steve Majoros. "Customers can select the version of their favorite Corvette Racing driver or simply choose the one with the color and graphics that appeals the most to them."

Each rides on black wheels with red stripes and calipers. The special editions will reach showrooms this spring, commanding a premium of $4,995 (on 1LT or 2LT trims) or $5,995 (3LT). So you'd be looking at a delivered price between $71,990 and $82,735 – which nudges pretty close to the $82,990 base price (delivered) for the Z06.