Presenting The Elise S Cup, Yet Another Awesome Lotus The US Won't Get

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It's basically a fully street legal track car.

The new Lotus Elise S Cup is literally a fully street legal go kart and one of the purest driver's car on sale today. But if you live in the US you can't have one. Damn shame. Lotus continues to repair itself after yet another near death experience by launching an updated, more focused variant of an existing model. This time the long-running Elise has been chosen for a series of modifications that include a new aerodynamic body kit featuring a front splitter, winglets, and bargeboards.

It also has a fixed roof and the track appropriate rear wing and rear diffuser. Because of these upgrades, Lotus claims there's an increase in downforce by 145 pounds at 100 mph and 275 pounds at the top speed of 140 mph. Track purists will also appreciate the newly added T45 specification roll bar that allows for both a competition harness and full roll cage to be installed. Power comes courtesy of the familiar supercharged 1.8-liter four banger with a total of 217 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. It's paired to a six-speed manual, and total curb weight comes in at just 2,055 pounds. Those who are living in either the UK or Germany can already place their orders for a price of £43,500 and €56,525, respectively.


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