Presenting the New Pontiac Firebird (Kind Of)

Let's be clear: the Pontiac brand is dead and will never come back. However, that doesn't mean the Firebird has to go away completely. What GM failed to do with Pontiac (and the Firebird) is now in the hands of talented and creative aftermarket customizers. Heide Performance Products of Madison Heights, Michigan is about to become the hero to Firebird lovers of the past, and now, the present.

Set to debut at SEMA, the HPP guys have built what a modern Pontiac Firebird Trans Am may have looked like. Starting off with the current Chevrolet Camaro, HPP has created new front and rear ends that can't be mistaken for anything but a Trans Am. Complete with a chromed pointy nose, the '69 Trans Am knockoff look has been cleverly updated to make the car unmistakably anything but a Firebird. Several other companies have tried to create a modern Firebird based off the Camaro with mixed results. This time, HPP has hit a home run.

The car looks absolutely fantastic and it's difficult to imagine a better interpretation. Perhaps, just perhaps, one day when GM gets all of their finances under control, they may decide to release a very limited number of "Pontiac" special editions - best chance of being a Firebird based off the Camaro. For now, we can proudly say the Firebird Trans Am lives.

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