Presenting The Scariest Road In The World

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Phenomenal views, but you'd have to be outside of your mind to cross it if you didn't have to.

It's possible the you've already seen Top Gear's trip to Bolivia, and their experiences with the mountainous "Death Highway". Well, if you're reading this, you in fact probably have seen it. But one of those things which makes Top Gear great, the excellent camera and editing work, can also sometimes leave you wondering how much of the drama was real and how much was just good production value. Well, no need to wonder any longer.

The following video is raw footage of a group of travelers on the Death Highway, unedited and every bit as terrifying as it looked on Top Gear. Possibly even more so.

And to put it into context just how dangerous the road is, this bus driver on Death Highway was far less lucky. The driver valiantly insisted all passengers departed the bus before it crossed a dangerous patch. On average, Death Highways claims the lives of 300-400 people a year.

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