President Trump Will Keep California's Emission Standards... For Now


This is a big win for environmental advocates.

Environmental advocates haven't been happy with President Trump after he rolled back fuel economy regulations that were set by the Obama administration. Trump has been in a battle about fuel economy regulations and emissions ever since he appointed former attorney general Scott Pruitt as the head of the EPA. Pruitt sued the EPA numerous times, making him an odd choice to lead the department. The state of California has the biggest opposition to Trump's policies, and just scored a big win in the battle against the EPA.

California has special privileges to set its own emissions standards that are stricter than anywhere else in the US. California desperately wants to keep its ability to set its own standards, and Autoblog reports that the state just had a big win against the Trump administration. EPA head Scott Pruitt was set to review what's known as the California Waiver, but a Washington Post article confirms that the Waiver is not under review. 13 other states have adopted California's standards for emissions, and Governor Jerry Brown has been adamant about keeping the stricter standards. California, at least for now, will keep its stricter emissions standards.

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The war over emissions is still ongoing. Pruitt has gone on record this year denying that carbon dioxide was a major cause of global warning. With everything that the Trump administration has done against fuel economy and emissions regulations, we don't know if the California Waiver will last forever.