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Presidential Candidates Bashing Chevy Blazer To Win Votes

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This is not quite what Chevy had in mind for the iconic model’s return.

The new 2020 Chevrolet Blazer is by no means a bad car. Sure, those annoying "Real People Not Actors" commercials and the fact it's not a rugged-looking body-on-frame SUV like its predecessors make the Blazer easy to rag on, but both of those are the fault of the marketing department, not the engineers who toiled to make the Blazer a decent family vehicle. Unfortunately, the model's historic name is being brought into the spotlight for another round of criticisms.

The difference is that this time, it's not car fans doing the roasting, it's candidates vying for a spot on the ballot during the upcoming 2020 elections. According to Bloomberg, that's because the Blazer is the perfect example of what workers in the Rust Belt see as wrong with the US auto industry.

That has to do with the fact that the old Blazer was previously built at GM's plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, which has since been shut down and demolished. The new Blazer is instead built in Arizpe, Mexico, much to the anger of current and past GM workers who are seeing their situations get worse as more auto production moves abroad.

It's why, during the democratic presidential debate in South Bend, Indiana, mayor and candidate Pete Buttigieg told the audience that American automakers need to take more responsibility for helping their laid-off workers find new jobs. "It's why we actually need to put the interests of workers first," he said. "Of course we need to do retraining. But this is so much bigger than a trade fight. This is about a moment when the economy is changing before our eyes."

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His comments come after GM pulled what some see as a controversial and insensitive move this March when it hoisted a 2020 Blazer to the top of the Comerica Park baseball stadium, which is home of the Detroit Tigers, for opening day. Union autoworkers found out about it and fumed during talk radio shows, calling the move insensitive and insulting. Chevy managed to pull the Blazer down and replace it with a Lansing, Michigan-built Traverse before opening day.

Still, the PR stunt did nothing to help the ailing plant workers, who will be looking to take out their frustrations towards American automakers at the ballots come November 2020.