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Pricing For Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe Announced

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The new GT 63 will set you back more than the AMG-GT Roadster.

Nobody ever said buying a Mercedes would be "cheap," but even in the realm of the Silver Star, some are more expensive than others. And the new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe carries the highest base price of them all.

Though pricing for the hybrid variants is still to be released, the MSRP on the conventionally powered versions has now been released, and it starts at $136,500 (plus the requisite destination charge of $995). That's a fair bit more than the base price on the AMG GT coupe and roadster (which start at $112,400 and $124,400).

It's also more than the G-Class sport-ute ($124,500), and more than the S-Class sedan ($91,250), coupe ($125,950), or cabriolet (though just barely at $134,300) before AMG and Maybach versions come into play.

Of course, those are just the base prices, and you can spend much more on many of those vehicles – but that goes for the GT 4-Door as well. The GT 63 S starts at $159,000 and packs a mightier punch. Its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 upgrades from 577 horsepower to 630, and from 590 lb-ft of torque to 664, and comes with a performance exhaust, active engine mounts, and more.

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Daimler's pricing straddles that of the Porsche Panamera Turbo, which packs a similar engine to produce 550 hp and 567 lb-ft of torque (less than the base GT 63) for $151,500. Audi gets $113,900 for its RS7 (with 560 hp and 516 lb-ft) with which Mercedes-AMG competes more directly with the CLS, and BMW charges $119,900 for its M6 Gran Coupe (with 552 hp and 502 lb-ft from 4.4 liters) that's slated to be replaced with a version of the new 8 Series. Among four-door coupes, only Aston Martin's aging Rapide carried a higher price, cresting the $200k mark.