Prince Philip Will Never Drive Again


At the ripe old age of 97, his days of a wheelman are over.

Prince Philip, the 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth, was recently been in the news for causing a car crash near the Royal family's Sandringham Estate. Thankfully the injuries sustained by the occupants of the Kia that the Prince crashed into were minor, and a nine-month-old baby traveling in the car was unhurt.

Despite his Land Rover Freelander looking rather the worse for wear, the Prince walked away from the accident unscathed too, but it was not long before people started questioning whether the 97-year-old should have been driving in the first place.

Things didn't improve when photos emerged two days later of Prince Philip driving a replacement Freelander without wearing a seatbelt. A spokeswoman for the Norfolk Constabulary said that they had contacted the Prince about his transgression, but no fine had been handed out.

This merely fuelled the UK tabloids to further call for Prince Philip to hand in his driving license, something that many assumed the police would ask him to do anyway. As it turns out the Prince decided to hand his license in voluntarily this past Saturday.

The BBC reported that a palace statement said: "After careful consideration, the Duke of Edinburgh (yes, he's a Prince and a Duke) has taken the decision to voluntarily surrender his driving license." The Duke meanwhile has also admitted to being at fault for the accident and has since written to the passenger who had broken her wrist to apologize for the crash.

The investigation of the accident has been handed to the Crown Prosecution Service which will take these developments into account, and while we highly doubt that any meaningful charges will be pressed against Prince Philip, the situation has clearly highlighted the need to reassess the law when it comes to older drivers.

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