Print Tech Unveils Stunning Aventador

If a more beautiful color exists for the Aventador, we haven’t seen it.

As soon as we raise the money to buy a Lamborghini Aventador as the CarBuzz runaround, we’re heading straight to Munich-based aftermarket firm Print Tech to have this sensational matte orange-red-chrome foil wrap applied to it. We’ve come across a range of colors for the Raging Bull, but this is up there with some of the most spectacular. Centurion foil is used in the 10,000-Euro process and any color can be selected, but why you would opt for another hue is beyond us.

Black brushed-look foil is also thrown in to cover the plastic trim. In addition, Print Tech can tint the windows for 200 Euros, powder coat the alloys in gloss black for 1,200 Euros and add a remote valve-controlled Capristo exhaust for 1,500 Euros. So that’s a total of 12,900 Euros. No problem, all we need now is the $376,000 for the Aventador. Donations will be warmly received.

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