Prior Design May Actually Build April Fools’ M6 Pickup

With M3 pickups already out there, someone’s gotta do you one better.

When Prior Design put out a digital rendering of what a BMW M6 would look like on April 1st, we were slightly amused and decided it didn't look all that bad either. But now, the tuner says this holiday spoof may actually become a reality. According to the company, the feedback received after posting this image on their Facebook page was so overwhelmingly positive, that they may actually just decide to go ahead and build it. Why would they, you ask? Insane, you say?

It may seem like an oddball idea, but when you consider the fact that several such BMW M3 pickup conversions are already roaming the roads of the world, someone just might be interested in upping the ante and getting a stronger, more expensive prank-mobile to grab some attention with.

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