Prior Design to Valet: Please Don't Die On Our Alcantara

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Design firm and luxury hotel battle it out.

This was one of the oddest press releases we have ever received. Aftermarket design firm, Prior Design, decided to reach out to all of its contacts, filing an official whine and moan against Monaco luxury hotel, Hotel de Paris. Apparently, the firm's crew recently checked in at the hotel and asked the staff to keep their hands off of its Audi R8. This sounds fair enough, and the hotel's bitchy policy - which doesn't allow guests to park their own cars - irked us as well.

But here's where Prior becomes way more douchey: apparently, while parking the car, the hotel valet suffered a herniated vertebral disk and was unable to exit the car. Police and paramedics were called to the scene, and according to the firm, they "stormed" the vehicle in an attempt to assist the injured employee. Somehow, Prior Design claims that the damage to the car's carbon, Alcantara and nappa leather was so extensive, it wants 10,000 euros from the hotel in compensation, a demand that the hotel is refusing liability for. Surely, a luxury hotel such as this should train its employees to have their medical emergencies in the servants' entrance.

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