Production Audi Quattro May Be a Blend of Concepts

Audi still isn't happy with the design and a third concept could be on the way.

Audi first got our hopes up regarding a reborn Quattro back in 2010 with the unveiling of the Quattro Concept at Paris. Sadly, nothing came of it. Then at Frankfurt 2013 the automaker teased us again by revealing the Sport Quattro Concept. The former was powered by a 2.5-liter five-cylinder that produced a wicked 408 horsepower. The 2013 concept, however, came with a twin-turbo V8 paired up with a hybrid system that produced a combined 700 hp.

Today we’re getting new word on what’s happening with this project. According to Audi’s CEO, "the car will come," but it may end up being a sort of a combination of those concepts. Audi R&D chief Ulrich Hackenberg wants the car to have that five-pot and build it on a modified version of the A6 platform. It’d also come with plenty of aluminum and carbon fiber throughout with a total weight at less than 2,900 lbs. Output would be at least 310 hp and could reach as high as 360. Hackenberg also isn’t fully happy with the exterior design, thus making a third concept possible. Amazingly, Audi is now considering building the new Quattro on a mass scale, instead of rolling out as a limited production model.

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