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Production BMW i3 Images Leaked

Though tamer than the original concept, BMW has still made an attractive car.

We all knew this moment would come eventually. That moment when a wild-looking concept gets turned into a sober production vehicle, and the inevitable twinge of disappointment on seeing it for the first time. Of course, we never really expected the BMW i3 to make it to production looking like the concept, and the truth is the production vehicle, shown here via some leaked images, really isn’t bad looking for a city car. Still though, it seems mean to have teased us like that.

UK pricing has also been revealed, although in all likelihood, we can expect slightly cheaper prices for the US. With the £5,000 government grant for electric vehicles, the price comes to £25,680 ($39,370). This puts the price of the 168-horsepower pure electric about midway between the price of £20,990 ($32,179) Nissan Leaf and the £30,255 ($46,389) Chevrolet Volt. UK car prices rarely translate directly, and if BMW keeps the car priced so directly between those two competitors, we’ll probably see a US price in the neighborhood of $26,000.

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