Production Green-Light: Mid-Engine, RWD Honda S660 Roadster

But it’s definitely too small for America.

What could be cooler than a sleek, mid-engine, rear-wheeldrive roadster from Honda? Maybe one that would be big enough to make it toAmerica. The Honda S660 kei car was presented as a concept at last year’s TokyoMotor Show, and was recently approved for production at Honda's Yokkaichi Works plant, the same factory that manufactured the Beat roadster in the 1990s. Butwith a 660cc 3-cylinder engine making 67 horsepower, don’t expect to see it inthe US in the near future.

Which is a shame, because the S660 looks great, and weighingin at less than 2,000lbs - it should also offer an awesome power-to-weightratio. Sure, this may not be your first choice for a drag race, and itobviously won’t be the next S2000, but it could just be the coolest city car we’llnever see in America. Have fun, Japan.

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