Production Jaguar I-Pace Gets Put Through Its Paces In Monaco

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Fear not, the final production Jaguar I-Pace will look just as dashing as the concept.

When Jaguar unveiled the I-Pace Concept at the Los Angeles Auto Show last year, everyone gasped. With its stylish supercar looks that make the Tesla Model X feel self-conscious, sports car performance, and SUV practicality, Jaguar's first EV has the potential to become the most desirable electric car on the market, arriving at a time when consumer demand is booming. But as striking as the concept looks, we couldn't help but fear that the final production model would look less attractive when it goes on sale next year.

Thankfully, our fears have been alleviated as a production I-Pace has purportedly been spotted out in the wild – and it looks identical to the stunning concept model. Video footage shows what is claimed to be the production Jaguar I-Pace being filmed for a promotional video on the iconic Monaco racing circuit.

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Surprisingly, Jaguar hasn't made any attempt to disguise the all-electric SUV in camouflage. Filming took place at night, presumably to reduce the risk of being spotted, but unfortunately for Jaguar an onlooker managed to capture footage of the I-Pace squealing its tires as it hammered around the Loews Hairpin section of the street circuit. Despite the footage being low resolution, the design appears to be just as dashing as the original concept, boasting the same coupe-style roofline and shortened overhangs to provide interior space comparable to a full-size SUV. Jaguar has yet to reveal the final specifications for the I-Pace.

The concept model was powered by a pair of electric motors at the front and rear axles sending 395 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque to all four wheels. The final production model is expected to offer similar specs as the concept when it goes on sale next year, as well as a 90 kWh lithium-ion battery offering more than 220 miles of range.

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