Production Lexus LFA Crashes at Last

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It didn't take too long for someone to smash up the Lexus supercar.

If you're in any doubt whether the Lexus LFA's super-fast V10 and sharp handling deserves a bit of respect, simply refer the matter to Evo's Chris Harris, who recently took the car around the Nurburgring. Alternatively you can track down the mug who ruined this particular model, believed to be the first production LFA to have ever crashed. According to Lexus Enthusiast, the accident took place in October and it appears from the damage - a torn off front clip and smashed up rear - it took place in traffic with the LFA getting sandwiched between two other cars.

Only now have the pictures been found, which appeared on the website of Howard Brown & Sons Auto Sales in Sun Valley, California who picked up the car after it got messed up. Not a pretty sight, but here's hoping a body specialist can put things right.

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