Production Of The Acura NSX Has Been Delayed: Try To Act Surprised

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Seinfeld and Leno will be mad.

We have some bad news for fans of the new Acura NSX. According to Automobile, Acura's new hybrid sports car will begin production in spring 2016. That doesn't sound so far away but it kind of sucks when you consider that production was supposed to kick off in fall of 2015. So, what's the reason for the delay? A change in the engine design is being blamed. The original design of the new NSX called for a naturally aspirated V6 engine linked to three electric motors. Back in 2013 the NA design was scrapped in favor of a twin-turbo setup.

The engine was also switched from a transverse configuration a longitudinal one. Building a custom engine and changing how it was set ate up a ton of time, hence the production delays. The Acura NSX was once set to be a 2015 model but now it looks like it will be a 2017 upon launch. We've recently seen the NSX in the wild and the wait looks like it will be worth it. That being said gearheads only have so much patience and attention, the latter of which is constantly being eaten up by the multitude of new sports cars and supercars that seem to be unveiled every few weeks. Time waits for no car, no matter how badass it is.

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