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Production-Ready Kia Proceed Shooting Brake Could Debut In Paris

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But don’t hold out hope for it to arrive in America.

The Kia Proceed was one of the most eye-pleasing concepts to grace last year's Frankfurt Auto Show, and we've been pining for a production version of the stunning shooting brake to roll out ever since its debut. Thankfully, our wish may soon about to come true, as Kia's head of product planning, David Labrosse, recently told Auto Week that a third version Ceed has been given the green light, and the signs are pointing to a production version of the Proceed Concept.

Following Kia's unveiling of the European Ceed hatchback and wagon at this year's Geneva Motor Show, the mystery model will be presented at the upcoming Paris Auto Show in October, according to Labrosse. Auto Week also quizzed Kia Motors Europe's former chief operating officer Michael Cole about the model. When asked if the new model will adopt a similar style to the Hyudnai i30 Fastback, which was recently spotted being tested at the Nurburgring, Cole said it will be more sporty and practical than the i30 Fastback. That sounds like a hint that a production version of the Proceed concept has been given the green light to us.

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Essentially, the stylish shooting brake will become Kia's new flagship car in the Ceed range alongside the all-new Ceed wagon and five-door hatchback – at least in Europe. At the time of the reveal, Kia didn't rule out the possibility of the Proceed shooting brake coming to America, but a recent report by Autocar revealed it will be sold exclusively in Europe. Still, at least we can still buy the sublime Kia Stinger in the US. And who knows, maybe its body style could be adapted into a shooting brake down the line if the production version of the Proceed Concept is well received?