Production-Spec Range Rover Evoque Convertible Could be the Next Hairdresser's Dream Car

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Goodbye, Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. Hello this.

First shown at Geneva 2012, the Range Rover Evoque Concept was really nothing more than that – a concept. Overall reception to it wasn't outright horrible, as was the general case for the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet. Range Rover officials wouldn't say for sure whether it'd make production at the time, but now we're hearing rumblings from various sources claiming that production has been given the green light. There's even been a few spy shots taken of an advanced prototype driving around parts of the UK.

What's for certain is that the two-door Evoque will be used as the basis for the open top variant, and will likely be unveiled early next year (again, probably Geneva) at the same time as the facelifted Evoque two- and four-door SUVs. Land Rover Jaguar's new line of Ingenium four-cylinder engines will debut then as well. Now that the Murano CC has been discontinued, hairdressers will have themselves a new (and just as expensive) dream car to aspire for. Yes, that means the Evoque Convertible will likely be sold in the US as well.

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