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Production Tesla Model X to Have Those Cool Falcon Doors


And they won't smash into anything either.

It doesn’t always happen that slick styling features on a concept car make it to production. Concept cars are often times built to gauge whether or not the public likes a particular design language. In the case of the upcoming Tesla Model X crossover, the EV automaker has made something official we were hoping for: the double-hinged falcon doors seen on the Model X concept will make production.

And not only that, but these slick doors will be equipped with sensors that will actually adjust the opening sequence to avoid hitting any nearby objects. More simply put, owners will be able to park their Model X between two other cars without the doors hitting anything. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also confirmed, but this was widely known already, the Model X will come standard with all-wheel-drive. Amazingly, the Model X will also have a lower drag coefficient than the Model S, but total drag will still be somewhat higher. Production is expected to begin sometime next year.

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