Professional Doodler Transforms Tesla Model 3 Into Doodle Masterpiece

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Now that's how you do an art car.

Who doesn't love a good art car? They're great representations of what an iconic car might look like with a bit more freedom of design. After all, designers must conform to all sorts of crash regulations, government standards, and mechanical limitations to create a finished product like the Tesla Model 3 you see here. Not exactly like this one, of course, as it's been repainted somewhat.

Artist Mr. Doodle (a fitting name) has given us his interpretation of a Tesla Model 3. It's certainly unique, for obvious reasons, and ones not so obvious.

Alan Cracknells Art/Facebook
Mr. Doodle/YouTube

We honestly couldn't tell you the last time we saw a Tesla art car. They're not as common as, say, one from BMW or Porsche. Both brands have a well-known and established tradition of commissioning them. Tesla doesn't. There was one done off the original Roadster, but that was so long ago it almost doesn't count. This then is the only Tesla art car in recent memory.

The design itself functions almost like a camo wrap you'd see on a car in development, hiding the lines of the car. Instead, this EV is now all about the design it wears. Again, as is fitting of the artist's name, these illustrations on the car share a name with their creator. We see numerous faces and objects in the doodles, including cats and people, which is really all you need to win on the internet. That and a little Google algorithm magic.

Mr. Doodle, who reportedly got the name from the clothing he's seen wearing in the video, has made something of a living creating art like this. He's perhaps best-known for a project he did in London, doodling all over the interior of an abandoned shop in 2017.

We don't by any means intend for the word "doodle" to be used to downplay the talent at work here. Mr. Doodle's, or rather Sam Cox's art, as that is his real name, is a style all its own. For now, without a more recent Tesla art car to contrast this Model 3 with, we'll have to call this our favorite Tesla art car. At least, until someone goes out and makes a plaid Plaid.

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