Project Centro 911 Ditches Four Seats for One

Want to sit on the center line in your Porsche? It's do-able, but it ain't easy.

When one thinks of sportscars with a central seating position, the McLaren F1 comes to mind. Ferrari did a prototype 365P back in 1967 with a similar arragement. But a Porsche 911? That's a car with four seats, maybe two, and you can get it with the wheel on the left side for "normal" markets or on the right for those backwards ones, but one retrofitted Carrera S Cabriolet was spotted recently at the 2012 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta with the driver's seat, steering wheel and everything else you'd expect to find on one side or another moved to the center.

Dubbed the Centro 911, the 997-era cabrio was modified by a company in Florida and took about a year to complete. It doesn't have a pair of passenger seats flanking the driver like in the McLaren F1 or Ferrari 365P, ditching its 2+2 setup for just the one seat. Check it out in the clip below and in the photos courtesy of Zach Courter.

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