Project Cyphur E63 AMG by SR Auto Group

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A Brabus inspired makeover and PUR wheels have transformed the Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon.

People's perceptions of wagons are rapidly changing and partial credit for this has to go to AMG for banging out the likes of the CLS63 Shooting Brake and this, the E63 AMG Wagon. It's also important to credit tuning houses such as SR Auto Group for taking wagons to an even higher level. Like this latest tuning job, dubbed "Project Cyphur" transforming the high-powered long-roofed animal into something even more ferocious.

Carbon-fiber was used to upgrade the body. There's a full carbon-fiber Brabus front lip and air vents, while the front fenders were replaced with a two-piece Brabus set with built-in carbon-fiber vent and signature LED Brabus side markers. At the rear, the Brabus theme continues with a carbon-fiber diffuser, while the only interior enhancement to speak of are the Brabus paddle shifters. An H&R lowering suspension kit was then added to take the wagon closer to the road. Completing the package is a set of 20-inch PUR Design 6IX Depth alloys, finished with a modern black face and rose gold lip.

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